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BHEL places strong emphasis on innovation and creative development. The R&D efforts of the company are aimed not only at improving the performance and efficiency of existing products, but also developing new products using state-of-the-art technologies and processes, relevant to the needs of the country to remain current both in terms of technology and features vis-à-vis global benchmarks.

With its innovation-led growth strategy, the company continues to rank among the highest R&D spenders in the country in the engineering and manufacturing segment with an R&D expenditure at 2.75% of its turnover. The R&D efforts of the company are aimed at improving the existing products as well as developing the new ones, relevant to the needs of the country both in terms of technology and features, vis-à-vis global benchmarks. The company is also developing Advanced Ultra Super Critical (AUSC) technology for thermal power plants in consortium with NTPC & IGCAR. In 2016-17, BHEL filed the highest-ever 508 patents and copyrights in a year, enhancing the company's intellectual capital to 3,915 as on 31st March 2017, which are in productive use in the company’s business.

The Corporate R&D division at Hyderabad leads BHEL’s research efforts in a number of areas of importance to BHEL's product range. Research & Product Development (RPD) Groups for each product group at the manufacturing divisions play a complementary role.

To carry out research in identified specialised areas, BHEL has established 14 Centres of Excellence as given below:

  1. Simulators
  2. Computational Fluid Dynamics
  3. Permanent Magnet Machines
  4. Surface Engineering
  5. Intelligent Machines and Robotics
  6. Machine Dynamics
  7. Compressors & Pumps
  8. Nano-technology
  9. UHV Laboratory
  10. Advanced Transmission Systems

At Electronics Division, Bengaluru

  1. Power Electronics and IGBT & Controller Technology
  2. Control & Instrumentation

At High Pressure Boiler Plant, Trichy

  1. Advanced Fabrication Technology
  2. Coal Research Centre

In addition, BHEL has also established five specialized institutes, viz., Welding Research Institute (WRI) at Tiruchirappalli, Ceramic Technological Institute (CTI) at Bengaluru, Centre for Electric Traction (CET) at Bhopal, Pollution Control Research Institute (PCRI) at Haridwar and Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell Plant at Gurugramto pursues R&D in identified areas.

BHEL’s R&D and innovation have also won acclaim by way of awards and recognitions. Some prominent awards received during 2016-17 are given below:

  • SKOCH BSE Award 2016for Technology Deployment & Innovation.
  • PSE Excellence Award 2015 for R&D, Technology Development & Innovation.
  • SKOCH Order of Merit - SKOCH Smart Technology Award for Technologies for Growth.
  • Governance Now PSU Awards 2016under category of ‘Research & Development’ & ‘Technology Adoption’.
  • Vajra Make in India Trophy - ENERTIA - ‘BGR’ Awardsfor Manufacturing Technology & Enterprise innovation (conventional Energy-thermal, Nuclear etc.)

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